Sunday, April 20, 2008

My snow family is back!

And getting ready to send a son on a mission this Wednesday. :) You may remember this family from this post. Although the snow was fun, it was nice to have some sunshine for these... too bad we were battling some major wind Saturday evening!

These were taken about 25 minutes into Spanish Fork Canyon on someone's property. Loved the covered bridge there! Thanks to Katy and Aaron for sharing this find! :)

And so nice to get some shots of Katy and her family... we didn't get much last time!

She'd had about enough by this time... I thought this picture was too funny not to share though. :)
And one more smile for some skittles!

Thanks for bearing the elements of Mother Nature once again! :)


Katy said...

Meghan, you amaze me!! I was thinking there was no hope for that photo shoot!! Thanks for being so patient with us!

Tracey said...

what a great looking family! I could never choose!

Jill said...

GREAT shots & LOVE That covered bridge