Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scarlett's Ladybug Party

(day 103)

The day arrived to celebrate Scarlett's birthday! It was a crazy day and we really tried to pack too much in before the party and I ended up showering only 15 minutes before it started... but it was a fun party for her anyway. I loved all the clothes that she got (she was in desperate need) and she loved her cake she got to eat! :) Thanks everyone that came! It was so fun!

Here is the infamous cake. :) Mical and I worked hard on this all Saturday morning and afternoon. As well as the little baby cupcakes and Scarlett's "dig in" cake. :) It turned out cute, I thought.

Scarlett got some awesome clothes! She so needed that... She's going to be stylin' this summer.
Halle, Ryan and Cole, Maddi, and my Dad... a few of the guests.
Don't you love that I just left up my mom's party decor and switched the white for the red to go with Scarlett's theme of Ladybugs. :)
Here is the birthday girl all striped down to nothing but a diaper before she dug into her cake.
She decided it tasted really good!

Umm, yeah, she ate a LOT. A little more than I would have let her if I was paying more attention and not snapping so many pictures. ;)
Little Miss Halle, preparing for the pinata. Isn't she cute? She totally dressed in the right colors that day. :)
I had to include this pic because of the cool sun flare! Love how you can see all the sun rays... and Caden was a good hitter. :)
The kiddos fighting for their share of candy!
Kanyon eating a baby ladybug... and loving it! Okay, so he only ate the frosting. ;)
Our little family! Happy, Happy Birthday Scarlett! :)


Jill said...

GREAT party & cant wait to see all her PURDY clothes ;)

LOVE LOVE LOVE that flare pic !!!! GREAT job

stacey said...

What a fun party! I love the family pic. Scarlett's face is priceless!

Jen Bird said...

I'm so glad you posted some pictures of the parties. I've been dying to see them. What a good mom you are to make such awesome cakes every birthday! So sad we weren't able to be there. :( We'll have to come and wish her happy birthday on Thursday!

Lisa B said...

This looks like SUCH a fun party. Love it! You are certainly brave with black and red frosting! :P

DESTINY said...

Great Pics! Everything was so cute! Loved the cakes! You did a great job. Thanks for having us. She really did get a ton of clothes. If it warms up this week- we are going to come and go to that park by your house. I'll call you. The sesame street exhibit at the discovery museum ends on may 4- so we are going to try to go up before then- you guys should come up with us

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! I want my next baby to be a girl, because I want to do a lady bug themed bedroom..

Mical said...

That party was so fun. I am glad to see that my picture I took of you guys was blog worthy :)

I think we make a great cake decorating team! Maybe we should be on the next food network challege with they make cakes. Okay, so maybe we aren't THAT good ;)

Heather said...

What a blast it looks like!! LOVE the cake and cupcakes. Great job!! Glad you shared her big day with us all!! Can't wait for our ladybug party in September!!

Anonymous said...

One more comment. In that picture with you holding scarlett and you are reading a card....your hair looks gorgeous. It always looks gorgeous. You are so lucky.

Lillian said...

What a darling little one-year-old you have. It looks like she had a fun birthday. The cake is so cute and I love the ladybug theme!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Love to see the updates and sure do miss the kids, but we couldn't be happier.

Love you all

Grandpa and Grandma Jessee

becca said...

What a beautiful birthday girl, and what a cute party! You seriously made that cake!? How? Everything looks so cute! I love it! Happy Birthday Scarlett!