Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Petite Girl

(day 107)

These pictures just made me smile today... and I've got to get back on track with posting pictures the day I take them. ;) Hard to get back once you're off track!

This picture just cracked me up... as you can tell I wasn't quite ready for it! ;)

Scarlett had her 1 year well check appointment today. She was 28.5 inches in length and 19lbs 1 oz. in weight. Both about the 25th percentile... her head circumference was 50th (don't remember the exact number). This confirms that we're still rear facing in the car since she's still under 20 lbs. Who knows though... Kanyon was well over that and I still kept him rear facing until about 15 months. :) She also had her toe pricked to test her iron levels and they are on the lower end of the scale so her pediatrician recommended iron drops. You can see her little bandaid from the prick in one of the pictures. Oh and she took her 3 shots like a champ today! :)

And just a snap of a couple of prints I picked up recently... the 2 of the kiddos are 16x20s and for Steve's office (finally got them framed today AFTER I took this picture, of course) and the family one is a 20x24 and will be framed and go downstairs in the family room where I took it. I'm happy to finally be getting some of my own pictures up!
I'll share some pictures of Steve's office when I get these up. Hoping to do it by Friday!


Mical said...

She's such a cutie! I love the extention of her leg in that one pic. I think I see a ballerina in the making. :)

Meghan said...

Ha! I know, that or a cheerleader! ;) She'll be a flyer!

Lisa B said...

Aw, sweet girl with the band-aid on her toe.

Your prints look great!

allison said...

Scarlett really is just beautiful, Meg! Love the prints and I can't wait to see them up on Steve's walls!

keart said...

That is exactly my girls. And Tyler is a typical big boy.
I love it.