Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Maddi!

(day 115)

A couple more pictures of my niece, Maddi. I've been such a slacker and Mical has been so patient! ;) Maybe I'm getting bored with my editing style lately because I've been playing a bit more these days. Here are some creative edits for you:

Times like tonight (out on a date with the hubby) make me wish I carried my camera with me wherever I go... There is a big fire just off the freeway in Springville and all we had was a lame camera phone that I don't even know how to get pics off of. So, sorry, no pics... but we were horrible spectators tonight right there with the fire trucks. :P Just waiting now to see if it's on the news and what the heck it is.


Mical said...

Yay! I really like the top one. Did you have a nice night wasn't so hot. I will have to tell you about it. On a better note, I got my dress in finally and it should be done on the 30th. Whew!Glad thats all taken care of. :)

Jill said...

I LOVE the edit, comp, texture ((even though im not a fan;) )) everything about this pic.

Lisa B said...

Pretty girl, pretty edits!