Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mom's Surprise 50th birthday bash!

(day 101)

She was definitely surprised! My sister, Mical, and I have been planning this for the last couple months. I was sure my Mom would figure it out somehow because not much gets past her... but with the help of my Dad and Grandma being extra sneaky, we pulled it off!

She was coming over to my house just to have a little cake and ice cream for both her and Scarlett's birthdays (April 10th). In reality, I was throwing a party for Scarlett on Saturday, but just told Mom that I was too busy with photo sessions to do anything big for Scarlett this year. She fell for it and it was a great time. Here are a few pictures from the party:

Mical is frosting the "50" cake that we made for the party.
The final shot of it all ready. That 50 made out of frosting was where we stuck some candles for my mom to blow out. We weren't about to attempt to light 50 candles. ;)
I told you she was surprised! (Sorry for such a horrible picture... I had to try and save it. My flash was not ready to fire yet. :P)
Some of the guests watching the video that I made as a birthday gift to my mother. It was a slideshow of pictures from her 50 years set to music. It turned out great! Everyone was dying laughing at a certain picture of my mom and my grandma wearing these sweet green/yellow plaid dresses that my grandma made. They were awesome. ;)
Kanyon getting his fill of cake and ice cream.
And lastly my mom opening her gifts. It was a great party! :)
Of course, since it was Scarlett's birthday that day too... I couldn't not include a couple pics of her on her day. My cute little 1 year old. :)


Jill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! What a GREAT Surprise, glad you were able to pull it off, looks like a FUN time by ALL.

Lisa B said...

So much partying, so little time!

Mical said...

Yes, we do have similar posts!! haha! I knew we would. :)