Sunday, April 13, 2008


My cute niece, Maddi, spent the last 5 days at my house for all the partying and I had the pleasure of taking some 7 year old pictures of her. She wasn't as much in her typical picture taking mood on Saturday, but we did it anyway as it was the only spare hour we were able to squeeze in! :) (all the party pics are still to come, by the way... I'm working on it! There are just a lot.) I can't really say I blame her since it was pretty darn cold with all that wind we were dealing with. She managed to think of a few funny things to bring on the smiles!

I've only edited a couple and my bed is calling me so I thought I'd post one or two for now. I have so slacked on the daily blogging.... ;) I'll get back on top of things soon, I hope!

P.S. It couldn't have been a worse time for pictures... noon... but I still managed to get a few that will work. I'll get more up here soon, Mical!


Mical said...

Oh yeah! The conditions definatley weren't the best...but these are looking good. I told Ryan about Maddi and what she said and he about died!

Jennifer O'Donnell said...

Looks like you handled the sun well and what a pretty model!

Ken Averett said...

Megan, What a Great Blog, and such an awesome family! You’re a very talented photographer… you were always so sweet, I’m glad to see that has continued.

Ken (that really tall kid in your ward back in Roseburg).

Lindsey said...

Oh those mountains in the background are awesome! You did great for the time of day and conditions.

Lisa B said...

She's beautiful. And I always have to sigh and smile at the lovely mountains in the background of your pictures. Such an unfamiliar sight!