Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm in love!

(day 92)

I'm in love with having a girl! Look what you get to do without hiding it from Dad! ;) (I'll admit Kanyon has had a polished nail or two in the past.)
She was extremely cooperative about it too... much to my surprise. She giggled, wanted to hold the nail polish bottle while I blew on her toes, and just laughed.

Kanyon on the other hand has had a rough day. He woke up fine, but then about an hour later was like a little zombie on the floor. He's had an extremely high temperature all day and has just laid around and watched movies. Poor guy... I hope he's feeling better tomorrow. :(
Watching "Enchanted" - his latest fav request.
Chillin' with Mom... he was asking to "see mom" or "hold you" all afternoon. That's one thing I don't mind about him being sick, but Scarlett's little jealous streak came out a bit. ;)
And here's my little teether playing in our weight room. She LOVES the mirror... I'm afraid I've got a vain little diva on my hands already. And she doesn't even have hair yet!
Think of Steve and I tonight and pray that we get some sleep... last night was once again, not great. She was in better spirits today though, so maybe that's a good sign.


Lisa B said...

Poor little darlings. I hope your night was better!

Melissa said...

Poor Kanyon. Coop's been fighting an on again off again 103 temp since Friday. Stinks! And I hope your little Diva's teething is getting better, too.

Heather said...

ahh look at those pretty toes!! OH man WAIT until she does have hair...LOL...you think you love having a girl now. So fun!!! I love this set-it is nice to get a glimpse of your world :) Hope Kanyon is better, poor little guy!

Meghan said...

Heather - you are so right! I've been dying for her to have hair since FOREVER it seems and there is less than the day she was born! Nothing like little crooked pig tails with little bows to make your heart melt... Ah well, the painted toes will have to suffice for now. ;)