Monday, March 31, 2008

Severe teething...

(day 91)

... and a slight head cold. At least, that was the diagnosis from the pediatrician today. :( I was almost hoping for an ear infection because that at least had a definite end to it.

Severe teething???

Yes, apparently my baby is not only cutting the last 2 teeth to make 8 in the front, but she's got molars coming in too. :( Poor thing is just miserable and so far Steve and I have had 2 sleepless nights... let's not hope for a 3rd although so far it seems to be heading that way.

I tried it all today... here she is sucking on ice in a baggy. That lasted for about 5 minutes.


Lisa B said...

Oh, poor thing. How rotten. At least she's getting them all over with at once so when she's done she'll really be done for a while? Hope those teeth pop through soon!

Melissa said...

Poor baby. As if teething isn't bad enough poor girl has severe teething. I hope they all pop through ASAP and you guys all get some better sleep.

Lindsey said...

Aww poor thing, hope she cuts those teeth and gets rid of the cold soon.