Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The patio uncovered!

(day 71)

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my brother in law poured us a new patio... I have mentioned it before in this post. We had to cover it in plastic and hay so that it wouldn't freeze... well, we got snow that next week and have had snow sitting back there until now! In fact, I had not even seen it done because it was covered by the time I got home that day.

Over the weekend, Steve called 1-800 Got Junk and they came and cleaned up the pile of dirt and grass as well as the plastic/hay, etc. Totally worth it! Here is what it looks like now:
And just one of Steve and the kids playing on the swings.

It needs a good spray down and the little bit of dirt leftover needs to be raked through, but we are loving our patio! :D My brother in law will be coming up this spring to seal it too, so it will look way different that what it does now, but I'm loving having it already! Can't wait until we get the landscape figured out for it. You can see that it's a bit unfinished still where it cuts into the grassy hill. I'll post updates again when it's done! :)


Mical said...

It looks good...and it will look a thousand times better after it is sealed. Can't wait to come up. The count down is on. :)

Jill said...


Meri, Nate and Solee said...

Yea for the patio! It looks great! Sunday was awesome, we need to do that again. We can do it VEGAN style at my house next?

Jen Bird said...

Dinner was so fun with everyone. I love getting together with you guys and the Simpsons. Always lots of fun! Let's do it more often. Oh and I'm glad the bread turned out. That was so fun too!