Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Friday!

(day 81)

Nothing better than a spotless house on the Friday of a holiday weekend. :)
Here are a couple of Kanyon showing off his gymnastic moves... First is his version of a head stand without the wall to help him. ;) He was so proud and asked to see it after I took a picture.

And let's be honest... his real reason for loving gymnastics... the stamps he gets on his hands and feet at the end of class. ;) This one is a day old, so you have to look hard!
Kanyon enjoying some Sesame Street while Scarlett is napping. He really is starting to like more than just Elmo's World.


Mical said...

I think he can do a better job on the pike, straddle and butterfly than I could. Nice, Kanyon!

candaceyw said...

can you come over and clean my house?? :D

I too loved to do the butterfly when I was his age!!

Meghan said...

haha! I wish I could take credit for the clean house! :D