Monday, March 17, 2008


(day 77)

No St. Patty's celebrating today for our family... :)

We started off with a breakfast with Steve's family and ended it saying goodbye to his mom and Barry today at the MTC. Although it was sad to say goodbye, it was mostly exciting for them to finally be doing something that they have talked about for years. :) We are so proud and excited for them to begin their 18 months of service. The people of Romania are so lucky to have them...

Here are a couple pictures from the day:

Don't they just look like the perfect missionary couple? I can't wait to hear of their experiences...
We love you!!

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Lillian said...

That is so great that they are serving a mission as a couple. My parents served for 18 months in Chile and had such a great experience. Senior missionaries really do so much good for the church.