Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family Night

(day 76)

It was a family night at Ken and Babata's with a great dinner, good dessert, and an awesome lesson prepared for the kiddos along with a beautiful talk and testimony from Steve's mom. We're going to miss these get togethers with them once they leave tomorrow.

I'll share more pictures from the night later (I'm tired!), but here are just a couple.
Kanyon was concentrating extra hard while Babata talked to them about what it means to be a missionary, like Grandpa and Grandma will be. They even got cute name tags. :)

And the performance by Kanyon, Maya, and Aliyah on the piano. :) Brings back memories of a naked Maya performing on the piano for us a couple Christmas' ago!

I'll update this post later with more pictures. :)


Mical said...

Ryan and I had a good laugh at the picture of Kanyon! :) How sad to say goodbye, but for what better reason.

Cristal said...

Awww, love the piano pics!

Lisa B said...

Cute piano pics!

candaceyw said...

What a sweet moment to capture!! Love those piano photos!

nancyandthelittleman said...

SO cute