Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trev and Alex

(day 47)

I took my brother, Trevor, and his fiance, Alex's engagement pictures today. It was really fun and something different than what I have been doing - all those babies! ;)

Here are a couple. I have literally looked at 10 shots so far, so I'm really excited to see the rest tomorrow. :)

Thanks guys for a fun morning!!

Steve took me on our late Valentine's Day dinner date tonight at La Caille. It was SO good and totally brought back some good and hilarious memories from our first visit there 8 years ago... I wish I had a picture to share from tonight, but I was too embarrassed to bring my *big* camera in there. I need to get a little camera to stick in my purse just for these situations because they happen often it seems! That place was gorgeous though... I have to get back up there for some photo shoots for sure... just breathtaking.


Jen Bird said...

cute pictures and really cute couple! I can't wait to see how your first 'engagement' session went! And tell Steve he looks like a professional b-ball player! :) too bad we weren't able to watch!

Mical said...

Oh! how cute!! They really are a good looking couple. Love that Trev's all pimped out. What a man. ;)

Cristal said...

Gorgeous pics and the restaurant looks awesome!