Friday, February 8, 2008

Best Buddies

(day 39)

Just some pictures of my kiddos playing today. Kanyon is so cute... he goes up to Scarlett and says, "hey, sister, come on!" Then off they go down the hall to their bedrooms to play. He's even pretty patient at how long it takes her crawling. I'm sure he can't wait for her to be able to walk.

Notice in the first picture what my sweet Kanyon is up to. Haha! I guess it was bound to happen at some point. ;)

And just these two... my baby boy looks so old to me in these. I need to stop dressing him like a teenager. :)

Also, it's my baby brother's birthday today... he's 14! Happy Birthday, Trent!


Jill said...

I LOVE the shots. My mom gets on my case about the way I dress 'K' too ;)

HAPPY Birthday BRO ((your baby bro is as old as mine))

Jamie said...

I know! The big boy clothes make them look too old!

Happy birthday to your little brother. Mine just turned 14 too.

Heather said...

aww these are so sweet. What fun they must have!! I say something that I NEVER thought I would say until I had a boy. "it is so much fun to dress a boy". LOL!! He is so cute...I love it!

Happy Birthday lil bro!

The Carrie Collection said...

Um, I remember when Trent was born. I also remember his first date w/ Lindsay at Dairy Queen. I can't believe he's 14!

Lisa B said...

I adore your random sibling shots. Keep 'em coming!