Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sonnenberg Family Pictures and Dinner

Well, we did it... we got all 5 brothers and their familys (minus Paul's 4 kiddos) and got a picture on Saturday afternoon. It was freezing, but was over quick. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Sonnenberg for helping make the kiddos look at the camera. :) So glad we could get them in one of the pictures too...
After we had a great big dinner at Ken and Babata's. It's so fun to all be together! The kids had a ball playing together. We are getting together again Christmas Eve day at our house, so I'm sure I'll have even more pictures. Sorry for the overload, but these are mostly for Brenda!! :) Especially this picture with all her boys together.

Kanyon, along with all of the cousins, have learned quickly from Paul that when they are asked who their favorite uncle is, they say "Uncle Paul!" The kids love him... but, come on James! You've got some competition for the fav uncle spot! ;)

Kanyon and Ella playing on the swings in the basement... SO nice when it's freezing and Kanyon hasn't been able to swing (one of his favorite things) in a long time!

Scott and my baby, Scarlett. Or as Ken and Babata like to call her... "scarlito". Steve tried that one at home and I put a stop to it. ;)

James and Ally swinging!
Ella, Maya, and Kanyon jumping on the trampoline. I love that they are getting older and playing so good together!
Aliyah checking out the newest addition to the "cousins"... baby Tyler! :) She was giving him kisses, but of course I missed those!
James teaching Kanyon his skills...

Many more to come tomorrow I'm sure... Merry Christmas Eve Eve! ;)


Mical said...

How fun! I just texted you to let you know I am a blogging fool again! :) Have fun today. Sounds like you will be busy! Have a Merry Christmas. I will call you guys tomorrow! Love you!

becca said...

How fun you guys all got together! Those are really great pictures too! Where did you get the sweater Kanyon is wearing? It is adorable, and I am looking for something similar for Ty and Cody for some pictures we have coming up.

Meghan said...

Becca - I got that sweater at the GAP. I really love it and it's good if you're doing outside pictures this time of year... pretty warm! :)