Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Day - was a busy one... we had everyone on the Sonnenberg side over - all the brothers and their families, minus James who went to NY for Christmas, but adding Jim and his kiddos who feel like part of the family anyway. Here is pictures of all the kiddos. It was tough to get and will sure to be cherished by all. ;)

From Left to Right: Peyton holding Scarlett, Parker holding Aliyah, Allie, Ella holding Tyler, Kanyon, Karly, Kenndyl, and Maya. All 11 of the cousins! :)

Night - Off to my side of the family... ate some good food, opened some great presents (or I should say that Kanyon opened everyone's presents for them!), and got dumped on by some snow. I welcome it on Christmas Eve, as it wouldn't quite feel like Christmas time without it!

I'm tired from playing "santa" so I'll post those pictures of the night tomorrow maybe... got to eat those cookies and carrots that Kanyon prepared for Santa and his reindeer. ;)

Merry Christmas!!


Mical said...

I love it!! Hopefully that will look like our side of the family soon. I have made my it is all the rest of ya'lls turn! :)

PS. does it post the time of my comment??? Just in case it doesn't...let me just tell you...2:42 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am DONE and FINALLY going to BED! Talk to you soon. :)

Jenny said...

I love how the only kiddo making direct eye contact is Kanyon. He's looking at you like he's questioning what the heck is going on. LOL!

Meri, Nate and Solee said...

Hey Merry Christmas! Thank you SO much for the yummy Brownie Mix! Yum. Hope your day was awesome.

Babata said...

Sweet photo...i love how Maya is trying to escape!! :) Actually, it just happens to be both my kiddos who are just oh so happy!!! smile. Oh well, C'est la vie! right!? Anyway, thanks for taking those pics. Aliyah is finally feeling better today...fever is gone! Yeah...she was up a lot last night, I think she wanted to see Santa!

Jen Bird said...

Cute that you got pictures of all the kids!! Looks like a fun Christmas holiday! The pictures turned out so good with his family! I know what you mean about playing "santa"!! ;-) Woah...still recovering!! Let's get together soon!