Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lots and Lots of Family...

A couple days after my sis and her family left us, Steve's dad and his wife came in town for a couple days. Kanyon loves Grandpa and had a great time with him. We love having them stay too, we always wish we lived closer!

After they left, Brenda and Barry came in the next day. Steve's oldest brother, Paul, moved out here to Utah as well. We had many dinners together and were able to share in Brenda and Barry opening their mission call. They will be serving in the Romania Bucharest Mission for 18 months and leave in March. We couldn't be more excited for them! :) Of course, Steve's first question was if they have resorts there. ;) If you'd like to see them revealing where they were going, click on their blog under my family section... we video taped it and then posted it there in 3 segments.

Sorry, no real pics from the moment... I wanted to enjoy it. ;) Here's a few of us just hanging around afterwards.

We always have the Sonnenberg "Christmas Eve" early in December with the big dinner, opening presents, etc. We did this on Saturday evening and it was a great time. So fun to have all of Paul's kids here too and what a great dinner Brenda put on here at our house. Turkey and the works!! :)

Doing Gingerbread houses! Kanyon was my partner and ate more than he stuck on I think. ;)

And lastly, trying to get a picture of the kiddos in their Christmas jammies... as you can see, not so successful. ;) It had been a long day... I'll have to try a morning after they've slept in them. Nights are hard for them to be at their best. :P Don't you love how Scarlett looks just as big as Kanyon in that first one?
More family is coming in town this week! Can't wait to see you, Scott and Lisa!!! :)

**By the way, Steve was the photographer for most of these photos. It was so nice to just enjoy it and not be in charge of the camera for once!


allison said...

wow! i'm jealous of ALL that family. mine is sooo small. looks like you all had a great time! you can certainly tell that grandpa, steve, and kanyon are related!

stacey said...

Your family and all the things you do together always brings a smile to my face. How wonderful it must be to have so many people around!

Meri, Nate and Solee said...

How fun! They look so cute in their PJs. Although, i am jealous of the party! Cause we missed you guys at ours! Oh well, next time?

The Carrie Collection said...

It's so weird to see all the Christmas decorations in your house. I kind of forgot about it this year because there is nothing going on around here that feels at all like the holidays. Everything looks so festive and fun at your house!

Mical said...

I am glad the jammies worked out so cute! Did I tell you I finally found some for my kids??

Anonymous said...

Hey Meghan,
Looking forward to seeing your darling family.
I LOVE that pic of Jim and Kanyon. SO CUTE.
see you SOON!!