Wednesday, October 3, 2007


*Total delay because my internet was down for a couple days. :P It's back now, thank goodness!*

I can't tell you what a dream it is to have a 6 year old girl wanting to pose for you just as much as you want her to pose! I was in heaven and had some good laughs at the same time. She had just watched America's Next Top Model with her mom the week before and had claimed to want to be a model... She kept it interesting with her poses that she threw out there! What fun we had!

When she said she was going to go change... how did I know she would break out the princess dresses?!? ;) She did finally come down with a cute "normal" outfit too. :) I have to admit, the princess dresses were fitting in some of the pictures - nice choice Maddi! This first one just might be one of my favorites...

And here is one of her location choices and one of her more awkward poses. :D I went with it because of course she could hear my shutter and knew whether or not I took a picture! ha! Mical, I know you are going to love this one! ;)

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