Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two Little Blondies...

In an effort to get out of my paint-fume filled home, I took the kiddos up to play with my childhood friend, Lindsay, and her little girl, Allie. We don't see these 2 often enough! Kanyon and Allie are so cute together and so similar in personality. And, I just love to catch up with Lindsay... :)
Here is cute little Allie... she has some beautiful eyes, just like her mommy!

Kanyon... poor kid called the sandbox "dirt". I need to educate him that playing in the sand is different than playing in the dirt. :)

Two peas in a pod... love them both!

So, I found it extremely difficult to salvage any shot of all 3 of them. And it's been a while since Kanyon has held Scarlett without the assistance of the boppy... so he toppled over with her weight. :) Too funny... and too bad I didn't get that on camera!

My little Scarlett... not too scared of grass!

Thanks Lindsay and Allie for the invite! As soon as our basement is done, you'll be invited over to party! :)


Mical said...

Oh Lindsey! I love that girl!!! I wish I was there to play too.

Mical said...

I meant LindsAy. ;)