Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

My sister-in-law, Babata, invited the kids and I to the museum yesterday to see the reptile show and all the animals. It was a bit crazy with parking since Pres. Hinckley was speaking at the BYU devotional, so we actually missed the reptiles. However, they were really nice to bring the turtle back up for Kanyon to see! :) He had a great time looking at all the animals! He and Maya were so cute walking around the museum holding hands... I'm just sad I didn't get a picture of that!

Here they are petting the "African something-or-other" turtle named, Otis.

Here is cute Maya making this little face after her mom said to smile at the camera... :)

And Aliyah, busy eating a pretzel!

Oh, and Scarlett was there... the poor girl just gets forgotten about!
Thanks to Babata, Maya, and Aliyah for inviting us! It was so fun! :)

Oh and for those that would like to go, here is the website... it's free! :)

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Babata said...

Hey Meghan, thanks for coming with such short notice! I was amazed that you could get the kiddos ready so quickly and meet me there! I had to laugh when you wrote about the African turtle, I think it had the word 'razor' somewhere in it's name. But, I'm also impressed you remembered his name was Otis! :) One more thing, I just LOVE how well Kanyon and Maya get along. I really think their personalities work well together. And, of course, Maya was asking to go to Kanyon's house today!