Monday, July 9, 2007

Love them both

Can you believe Scarlett will be 3 months old tomorrow? It's gone by SO fast. And Kanyon will be 2 in less than 2 weeks?? I look at him now and he's a little boy, saying every word possible and has a mind of his own - not easily distracted anymore! ;)

Currently we have been dealing with pink eye (yucky! pretty much recovered now) and some sickness. Steve hasn't felt well since Lake Powell and now Kanyon has something. His fever was high tonight... got it down to 102 before bed, but that's not real low either. Hopefully we get over this before the Shipp Family Reunion on Saturday. Mical and her family are coming up and I can't miss that because of sick kids!! ;)

You can see my sick little Kanyon in these tub pictures tonight... poor guy.

Scarlett plays so well under her little gym now. I can tell she really wants to grab those toys hanging in her face! ;)

Oh, and I enjoy it too because, finally, something entertains her besides me! ;)

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Jared & Heidi said...

Cute Cute. Little Scarlett has the most adorable little bows and clothes and Kanyon- he seems like he has a lot of personality! We're not coming to the family reunion. It just didn't work out. Have fun! It would ahve been fun to see you and your kids.