Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Paity, car... vroom! Bye."

That's what Kanyon said as he watched his good friend Paityn leave after a fun filled afternoon in the backyard! He's talking so much more lately... but this was his first real phrase.

Paityn was so cute being all motherly and pushing Kanyon in the swing. I need her around more often when Kanyon is begging me to push him outside on those swings... ;)

Jen and I had a good time sitting out under the shade of the umbrella on our patio set drinking her homemade root beer and watching the kids be silly. Kanyon loaded up on fresh pineapple too... Jen left us some and it's already gone thanks to Steve! (okay, I'll admit I had some too...)
The highlight seemed to be the kids running all over the backyard with their graham crackers whilst being chased by Duke, who wanted those crackers. He was successful at getting them a couple times.

Kanyon's face in the last picture is priceless. Pure joy... nothing is better than that!


Jen Bird said...

That was so much fun!! They both laughed the whole time. Thanks for having us over...I'm glad you ate the pineapple. :-)

Lindsey Lee said...

They look so cute together!! When is our next play date? Owen needs some play time and i need some down time...ya know what im sayin!! Its been such nice glad you are out enjoying!!