Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I just want to first say, Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers (and grandmothers)!

Today was really nice. Steve made crepes and fresh fruit for me this morning and gave me a card along with the Chris Daughtry CD. He said he couldn't not give me something on the actual day... My real gift was the new lens I ordered last night for my camera. I should get it sometime this week, I think. I'm really excited about it!! I'm sure I'll post a few pictures once I've played a little.

Oh yeah, this is just classic Steve... another gift he gave me were some new toys for Kanyon so that he is occupied and will possibly give me a bit of a break. ;) Don't you love his thinking? I do have to say that the new "mow" that Kanyon got has been the object of his affection all day and has kept him quite busy... So much that he had a complete meltdown when he had to leave his "mow" for a few minutes to sit in his highchair and eat his lunch. I'm hoping he gets over that pretty quick!

Steve and I got both of our moms a bouqet from
Edible Arrangements. They are pretty cool, you should check them out. From what both of them said, they loved them! They looked SO good. We spent some time after dinner and all in Hobble Creek Canyon. It was great weather and Kanyon enjoyed spending most of the time outside of the stroller. Scarlett was a gem and slept, of course.


Jill Coffey said...

WOW kanyon looks ALL grown up all of the sudden. I LOVE the way you dress him SOOO cute. So which lens did you get huh, huh ?!?! Cant wait to see pics :)

Jen Bird said...

I'm back from the dead. :-) haha!! That looks like such a nice weekend. What great weather! I'll see you at the park today.