Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My "even tempered" kid... ha!

I found this video (from February of this year) yesterday that I forgot about and Steve and I laughed and laughed and watched it over and over again. Most that know Kanyon think he can't throw a fit... and this really isn't even much of a fit (no crying and screaming really involved - which I promise he can do!), but it's hilarious at how frustrated he was.


Mical Henderson said...

hehehehe! I am still laughing. I even played it twice! He seemed to be thinking "Oh cruel world!"

Lindsey Lee said...

I bet Owen could beat him at throwing a tantrum! But Kanyon can throw a good least there is no crying involved! Play group was fun today! Here is my email so i can post some recipes.

Jen Bird said...

I was literally laughing out loud at that clip. He is such a doll. I just love him. I can only dream about having kids who throw tantrums like that. :-)