Monday, March 26, 2007

Afternoon at the Park

Today Kanyon and I took a long walk and stopped at the park by our house. He adores this park, even with his new little structure in the backyard. Nothing replaces the big stuff, I have found.

I took my camera -- it's been few and far between since I've really taken lots of pictures (for me anyway!) and today I wasn't in the mood to mess with it much. I really need to spend more time using it to it's fullest potential, but I was too tired today.

He really enjoys the "big" kids section with the huge slides and normally I wouldn't mind helping him and going down the big slide with him, but I'm afraid with the size I am at this point - well, it would be too comical to watch, so I save everyone the chuckle... Half way up the steps is as far as he gets these days.

I adore his little "pumas". He looks like such a big boy in them.

My child would sit and swing here for hours if I would let him. He is in love with how high he gets to go in the baby swings where mom doesn't worry about him falling out.

However, I hesitate even putting him in it because inevitably this is what I deal with when I take him out... I'm sure I look like the meanest mom ever taking pictures of my little guy sobbing at the swings.

He finally discovered kicking and playing in the wood chips today. He would just giggle everytime the chips went flying. The simple joy that came from that was just too hard to pass up.

Not too exciting, but I have a feeling this is what spring will consist of!

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Lindsey Lee said...

Super Cute pics. and Super cute Kanyon! How are you feeling? That park is Owen's favorite too!