Sunday, January 21, 2007

Trip to Kauai

Steve and I finalized our trip to Kauai, Hawaii last week. We are leaving mid-February and staying for 10 days. We are taking Kanyon this time and it'll be our last trip before baby Scarlett arrives. We are really excited!! We'll be staying on the East side (the Coconut Coast) of the Island at the Outrigger condos (pictured above) for the first 4 nights and then the last half of the trip will be spent down on the South side (the sunnyside) staying in a timeshare with Steve's mom and Barry.

I'm busy trying to find swim trunks and other necessities for Kanyon and something cool (as in temperture cool) for me to wear... both kind of difficult in Utah in January!

Can't wait to get away from all this SNOW.
22 days and counting...
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