Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My little baker!

Today Kanyon and I baked some cookies. He was a good baking partner - except for just wanting to eat the butter! Yuck!

Just an update on Kanyon... he saw the pediatrician and he has asthma. With the croup, pneumonia, and now this latest trouble in the last 6 months he was finally diagnosed with asthma, although I had been suspecting it for some time. He has an inhaler that he has to have 1 puff of twice a day just for mainentance. If he doesn't use this inhaler, he will have severe asthma attacks with minor colds - or get pneumonia again. We are happy to know how to care for him properly now, and the little guy is getting used to the inhaler and it's not such a struggle. Toddlers with asthma have a good chance of growing out of it if they get the proper care at a young age, so we are hoping for that! Anything so that my little guy can breathe well again!!
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