Tuesday, April 19, 2011

8 months and stubborn already

Maybe he is like his mama after all.  :)

My little guy is officially 8 months.  I can't believe it.  While he is a happy, happy baby... we are having our issues with eating still.

I waited until 6 months to start solids and now here we are 2 months later and he is not liking the stuff any better.  :/  At least he's eating my homemade kind without all the gagging and shuddering.  My issue now is physically getting the spoon in his clamped up little mouth. 

Soooo, I thought I'd try some puffs.  My other babies gobbled these up like candy... even my older kids will snag one if they can.  Here was his reaction:
Totally not impressed.  I still shove them in his mouth and make him try them... but he's very good at getting them back out quickly.  ;)  This kid just may have to survive on milk alone... I just hope he'll eventually choose to eat table food.  I've never had an eater like this, so it will be an adventure!

At least he's cute, even when refusing the goods.
IMG_0667edit BW sm WM
IMG_0662edit sm WM
IMG_0670edit FG sm WM
IMG_0676edit sm WM
On a side note... I walked into the kitchen to find my totally independent 4 year old washing her hands at the sink.
She usually asks for help... not so these days.  She was probably washing her hands after applying all her makeup she's been dabbling in (I need to share a photo of her finished 'face').  Did I say she just turned 4?  I think I meant 14!


Alex (and Trevor!) said...

I love that in a couple of the pictures you can see a shadow of little hairs on Kelan's head :) He has a widow's peak like the rest of the Shipps :D

He's just darling. So cute.

Amie said...

Meghan, I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures of the kids. You take some great shots. I have a question for you--I set up my own blog, but it looks terrible. I'd really like it to look more like yours with the wide text section, a simple background and the great title. Also, when I post my pictures, they are small, not large like your pictures are. Can you tell me how you set yours up? My blog address is the5macdonalds@blogspot.com
Amie MacDonald (your cousin0