Saturday, March 26, 2011

My tough girly girl.

Scarlett has been asking and asking to get her ears pierced for a while.  But since our Hawaii trip it has been non-stop.

So, we told her she could get them pierced for her 4th birthday.  It's coming up here in about 2 weeks, so while we were out as a family we took the plunge and surprised her with it a bit early. She was giddy with excitement.  Kanyon had, just like a good big brother, given her all the many details about the "gun" and the sharp earring and the "shooting" of the earring into her ear.  Isn't he nice?  She still wanted to do it, so I figured she was ready.  She watched another little girl (older than her by a few years) get it done first and *thankfully* that little girl didn't cry.  I was a little afraid to let her watch, but decided that it was up to her and if she saw how it was done and changed her mind, then that was okay! 

Scarlett sat up in the chair and picked out the Hello Kitty earrings... of course, because then they will match her purse that Great Grandma Deanna got for her this last Christmas.  Steve was so nervous for her... I think if I weren't there and she wasn't so excited, he would have backed out.  ;)  She was such a champ though... she didn't even cry!

And we got it all on video...

Wasn't she great?  Just a shocked little face that it was over already.  I love it. Dad was totally impressed!

I took a couple pictures of her at home later on that night showing off her newly pierced and freshly cleaned little ears.  I can't believe she's getting so big...

How happy does she look?  :)
IMG_0513edit FG sm WM
I had to make a little calendar for her to cross off the days as we count down to her 6 weeks mark when we can take these earrings out and wear other ones.  6 weeks is a quite a long time for an almost 4 year old to understand, so hopefully it helps!

She seems so big now and she cannot wait to show them off to all her friends.

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jakell said...

wow..never seen a little girl so brave to get her ears pierced. So cute!