Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kauai: Beach and Fishing

Different day, same story. :) This was Poi'Pu beach again.
IMG_0212edit sm WM
This was the beach just down from our house.  Scarlett wanted to be buried.
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Just my proof that Kelan was on this trip with us.  :)  Believe me, he was must easier on the beach when he was sleeping.  Once he discovered sand, it was a mess!
This is all Scarlett did when the waves were big.  She made me lots of gourmet dishes out of sand.  :)
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IMG_0223edit sm WM
I was laughing hysterically when I took this picture.  This is Kanyon attempting to wash sand off of his face.  haha! 
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Steve took as many opportunities as he could to body surf.  He was like a little kid out there.
He even finally convinced Cohen to come in the water with him.  NOT in the big waves though.  ;)  Cohen had been so terrified of the ocean before, so it was a huge step to go out in it with Dad.  He liked it, but was done with it quickly.  ;)
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This was out on the beach in our backyard.  It was a darker sand beach.  There is a problem with erosion this time of year I guess, so there were tons of sand bags and what was left of old sandbags that had been torn up on the beach (the green stuff).  It's too bad because it could have been a whole lot nicer to play on if it was cleaned up a bit.
Despite the mess, the kids enjoyed playing and watching Grandpa Barry fish.  
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Barry didn't catch anything... I'm pretty sure the sandbags he got caught on don't count.  ;)  Steve was trying to free his hook in the picture below.
IMG_0255edit sm WM
We would have cooked a fish for dinner if he had gotten anything... but luckily I had a plan B that day.  :) 

More still to come!  :)

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