Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Can't say that I'm sad to see the season come to an end... As fun as it is hosting football party after football party, I'm ready to celebrate something other than football. I'm also ready to be done making wings and various dips. ;) Steve was sad that his Bears didn't make it to the Superbowl... but they were close and there's always next year, right?

Here is Steve and Kelan on the day that the Bears played the Packers. Decked out in Bears stuff.
IMG_0002edit sm WM
Kelan is a pretty cute football fan!
IMG_0001edit sm WM
Here's a snapshot I found on my iPhone... must have been one of the kids. But, it's proof that I was a good supportive wife and had my one and only Bears shirt on as well.
Kanyon was sporting his Cutler jersey too, although I failed to get a picture of him. Scarlett and Cohen were the only none supporting members of the house. I'm sure now that Steve knows this, that situation will be remedied by next season. ;)

With football over now, I'm happily reminded that we are one step closer to Spring!! Now, that is something to celebrate.


Melissa said...

Kelan is an absolute doll baby! *WHAT* a cutie pie!!

Team O'Connor said...

Meghan, Corey is a DIE HARD Packers fan and I really had no idea the football lifestyle I was getting myself into when we got married. Is Steve really superstitious about the games? We had to do everything the exact same way each game or the Packers might lose...luckily the games were always pretty fun and lucky for me they won the Super Bowl or I might still be consoling Corey. Haha. At least you got cute pics out of it! I love little kids dressed up in sports apparel :)