Monday, October 4, 2010

Kelan's Blessing

We blessed Kelan on Saturday, Sept. 25th at our home. A lot of Steve's family was in town because his little brother, James, was having his missionary farewell that Sunday, so it was the perfect opportunity to do it. It was so nice to have it done in our home... much more personal and less stressful than doing it at church. Steve gave him a beautiful blessing.

I really wish I would have gotten a picture of Kelan in his outfit, but I completely spaced it. I didn't get a picture of my new family of 6 all together either and I'm so sad about that. Hopefully I can remember to do that one of these Sundays before we head off to church.

Here I am with Grandpa and Grandma Sonnenberg and little Kelan.
IMG_9043edit BW sm WM
IMG_9045edit sm WM
From left to right: Brenda (steve's mom), Grandmother Cahoon, Nate, Devin, Steve, Paul, Katie, Grandma Sonnenberg and Kelan.
IMG_9049edit sm WM
Grandma Shipp, my little brother Trent, and my Dad.
IMG_9048edit sm WM
Me with my friends Jen and Meri.
IMG_9051edit BW sm WM
Cohen just enjoyed all the fruit... he had way too much that weekend and we paid for it later. ;)
IMG_9055edit sm WM
My mother in law, Brenda, and her mother... Grandmother Cahoon. We loved having them stay with us!
IMG_9047edit sm WM
My Grandma Cummings holding Kelan.
IMG_9054edit sm WM
My mom and Kelan. She hadn't been feeling well for the last month and we were thinking that she might not make it to the blessing, so we're so glad that she was able to be there.
IMG_9068edit BW sm WM
It was a perfect morning... lots of visiting, pictures, and yummy fruit, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and orange juice. :)


Heather Strong said...

I want to bless our next baby in our home sooo bad! I didn't enjoy Emmett's blessing because our ward was so loud (so I couldn't even hear it) and it was just so stressful. Plus, my siblings are more willing to come if it is in our home. :) I've heard things that bishops don't like to do that, etc... but I can totally see why you guys did it when you did! Makes total sense.

Meghan said...

Heather - we got permission from the bishopric to have Grandpa Sonnenberg preside so none of them had to be there. It was perfect! :) I think they preferred that too because then none of them had to be present on a Saturday morning.

Jen Bird said...

Steve gave a beautiful blessing. It was so nice! Plus the breakfast brunch was scrumptious! I'm so glad we were there!