Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We love Halloween at our house. I usually have the kids costumes ordered by the first of September and it's generally a theme... however this year Kanyon and Scarlett just couldn't agree on costumes that went together (so opinionated!), so I had to give up on that fun idea this year.

We carved pumpkins on Friday night. I guess I should say that Steve and I carved the pumpkins while the kids watched and yelled "gross!!" and then laughed uncontrollably as we gutted them. ;) Can't wait until they are actually capable of doing it themselves! They turned out cute though.
IMG_9332edit sm WM
IMG_9335edit sm WM
Kanyon's was the dragon... of course.
IMG_9338edit sm WM
Scarlett's was the cat.
IMG_9337edit sm WM
And Cohen's was the bat.
IMG_9336edit sm WM
Kelan didn't get a carved pumpkin this year... after doing 5 (including Steve and I's)... one more was just too much for a little guy that wouldn't even know.

I took some pictures of the kids in their costumes Saturday night before trick or treating.
We had a Ninja Warrior... Kanyon.
IMG_9364edit sm WM
IMG_9363edit BW sm WM
A pretty pink princess... Scarlett.
IMG_9356edit sm WM
IMG_9361edit sm WM
A stinky little skunk... Cohen.
IMG_9345edit sm WM
IMG_9342edit sm WM
Not a fan of the hat, until we were out and it kept him warm and he figured out that you get candy for wearing it... he was in heaven.
IMG_9344edit BW sm WM
And a sweet little giraffe... Kelan.
IMG_9366edit sm WM
I finally caught a real smile on camera... he was such a happy little thing all night. He got to stay at home with dad and hand out candy. I love this age!
IMG_9374edit sm WM
Here were our pumpkins all lit up.
IMG_9384edit sm WM
Just as we were about to head out trick or treating, it started pouring rain with thunder and lightening and then hailing with crazy wind. We decided to wait it out and hope it cleared up a little. It eventually did and we went up and down our one street before calling it good. :) I did snap a cool shot of the rainbow that appeared just after the hail storm. You can see the hail gathered around the edge of our grass.
IMG_9376edit sm WM
Every Halloween, I let the kids eat as much candy as they want (after dinner of course) and then the "candy monster" pays our house a visit that night while they are sleeping and eats all their candy. The older two actually think it's funny to hear about the candy monster and don't mind that he eats their candy. Steve and I had to laugh though as we were cleaning out Scarlett's bucket that night...
IMG_9386edit sm WM
I guess if you don't have time to eat it all before bed, then you just sample what you can and toss it back in the bucket. ;)

It was a fun night... my parents, my brother Trent, and my sister-in-law Alex all came over to hang out. We had pizza, salad, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and cider... it was lots of fun!

Now on to November... can you believe it will be Christmas soon??
Me either.

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Mical said...

I love the bites out of the candy. And...I LOVE the candy monster idea. How did I not know about this?? Definatley doing that next year. We still have crap lying around.