Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kelan's finished nursery

I finally got the nursery completed... Still waiting on my little yellow ottoman to come, but I don't know when that'll be here for sure, so we're calling it complete now. :)

I was waiting on my new chair and I love it! It's always a little scary to order a larger piece of furniture online without having tried it out, but it's absolutely perfect. So happy for a wingback chair where I can rest my head during those late night feedings with a new baby. It was just what my last glider was missing.

IMG_8801edit sm WM
I've reserved the wall just to the right in the photo below for a large canvas of my new little man once he arrives and I can get my camera on him.
IMG_8791edit sm WM
IMG_8799edit sm WM
IMG_8792edit sm WM
IMG_8797edit sm WM
IMG_8798edit sm WM
Here is the bird mobile a little closer up... those are stuffed fabric birds that I sewed and then put on string. The original was supposed to look quite a bit different, but trying to balance all those birds on little branches at 3-4 different levels proved to be much harder than I cared to proceed with! So, this was version 2... but I think it turned out well and was so much easier anyway.
IMG_8771edit sm WM
IMG_8804edit sm WM
I was attempting to get a set of photos of the nursery child-free... but you know, it just doesn't happen when there are 3 kids running around awake and wanting to know what I'm doing. ;) The photo above of Scarlett showing off her acrobatics was just exactly what I was dealing with.... that and Cohen playing in the closet or throwing pillows. It's my everyday life... ;)

Kelan is going to have lots of excited siblings to smother him when he arrives!

Kanyon is a veteran big bro and knows that each new baby that arrives to our family brings him (along with the other siblings) a little gift at the hospital... so he's been whispering his order to my belly for the last week or so. Kind of hilarious to watch him trying to "show" Kelan with his hands exactly what toy he's talking about.

With this nursery complete now... all we are missing is Kelan! I have a doctor's appointment on Monday morning and at that time we will probably just set our day and time for induction. I'm assuming Tuesday morning since that's when I was induced with 2 of my other kids (same doctor). So, we may have a baby here in just a matter of days! Can't wait. :)


Melissa said...

And you MADE the mobile too? *off to sulk for being so inadequate* LOL Kidding aside, the entire nursery is beautiful! You did a great job, Meghan!

Keri said...

The nursery is gorgeous or gorge-wah as Mia Michaels would say. ;) Enjoy your new little one.

Jen Bird said...

I LOVE how it turned out!! I love the birds, maybe even better than the mobile! I can't wait to see it in person! (and I love the new look of your blog!!) I almost thought I was on the wrong blog for a minute!