Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring is in the air

We've had such a weird Spring with snow one day and sun the next... so we've fully taken advantage of the good weather when we could!

Kanyon and Scarlett have enjoyed playing in the newly resurrected sand and water table. That is until a wasp or 20 come hanging around. One of the only things I hate about Utah summers. Bees and wasps are horrible and we have to have someone come a couple times in the summer just to knock the nests down from the eves of our house. Ick.

I love the short period of time when the trees are blossoming. It just doesn't last long enough though for how gorgeous it is outside... Although I'll take the green leaves on the trees over the dead bare look of winter anytime! ;)

I hope it's here to stay now! :)

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