Friday, November 13, 2009

The holidays are coming...

... and my kids want nothing more than to watch Christmas movies. Polar Express is the current request.
I stumbled upon this blog the other day and thought I would share. How cool is that? My kids will be thrilled! :) I'm happy that I'll get to catch up on some old favorite Christmas movies/shows as well.

Cohen is moving faster everyday. He's not totally sitting alone yet, but he does this thing where he leans to the side and props himself up with one arm. Sort of like the picture below, only more propped up. He's such a grown little man when he does it.
He's already chasing after my camera. I don't think Scarlett even did that for a while once she learned to crawl!
Cohen is currently teething (yet no teeth have arrived yet)... so he's been a little grump lately. Because of that, when he's happy, it's SO nice.
Do you like my barricade up against my rock fireplace? That is a death trap without pillows.

Chasing my camera again. Love his little smirk.
Scarlett woke up from her nap this afternoon with a major rat's nest and I couldn't help but laugh at her. Seriously, what are they doing in there while they sleep that results in that??
A silly face by Scarlett. She requested that I take a picture.
I'll admit that I'm alive over here, but barely. I've been working on my 2008 blurb book for my blog and while I'm partway through May at this point at a whopping 316 pages... I still have a long way to go. This will definitely be 2 volumes. My deadline is Nov. 23rd so that I can save 20% with a coupon code that I have. I will do it! ;)


Heather Strong said...

Oh my gosh Emmett's hair is a hundred times worse than mine when he wakes up! So funny. I don't know how kids ever transition to bigger beds without jail bars to keep them in!

Mical said...

I love her rats nest. But really how does it get that bad? haha! Cohen is so big and cute. I can't wait to hold him...if he'll let me. That age can be kind of iffy.

Melissa said...

Love the closeups of Cohen. <3

Heidi said...

If you use the code BLURBTREAT you will save 20% AND free shipping! I just ordered my 2008 and that saved me big time money! (just your blog stalker here again...=)

Meghan said...

Mical - he'll totally go to anyone still, so you better hurry and get up here. ;) Not sure how long it will last!

Heidi - thanks! Yeah, that's the code I have but didn't realize it was free shipping too... awesome! I really need to get this thing finished! :)

Cristal said...

Oh, LOVE her hair! That's awesome! And your little man is such a doll.

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

Such cute pictures! Love the Christmas movies! I've got my decorations out, now i just need to play the movies!