Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cohen - 4 months

Can you believe he's 4 months as of last Saturday? Me either, at a whopping 13 lbs 1 oz. ;) He's my little peanut.
Already grabbing onto toys and chewing away when he can make his little hands do what he wants them to.
His siblings are his joy... he lights up when he sees them and they can make him smile faster than anyone else. He was giggling at Kanyon here.
Cohen really is an easy baby (even when he caught the nasty sickness the rest of the family had last week!) and I'm loving every stage so far with him.

This poor little neglected guy, however... I need to get on top of things and actually have another "official" photoshoot with him. I haven't done that since he was 3 days old and time is flying by too fast!

And just one of my Kanyon today... it makes me laugh. :)


Jen Bird said...

So sweet! Those Sonnenberg babies are just the sweetest, most calm babies around! (and he's no different)

Oh and I got a few pics on my blog...long story, but I put my pic on my desktop, then into photoshop, then it worked!!! Yeah, 1 post down! So I didn't call and bug you one more time! ;)

Mical said...

I love Cohens little face. I can't wait to see him again. Whenever that may be... :(

Lisa said...

love the one of Cohen laughing/smiling :)
And I feel the same way when I see my 3 little angels!!! I always think "wow....they are mine "