Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

The kids with their faces painted from a fun birthday party over the weekend... thanks to the Hanchett's. :) I think Kanyon was supposed to be some sort of superhero-ish type like Batman.
And Scarlett chose a pretty butterfly for her face.
Not too bad considering they had both just woke up from naps... not too much smearing going on.

And I am slowly, ever so slowly, going back to my blonde. I don't want to kill my hair, so it's a process, but I'm looking blonder each time I go. This is one of my SPs... I'm trying to catch up after missing a week or two.
Also, trying to grow the hair back out. I've just decided that I am not a short hair person. I just can't do it. It usually still ends up in a ponytail and takes longer to do than when I had long hair. Oh well, at least it grows fast and should be really long again in 2 years tops. *fingers crossed*


Alex (and Trevor!) said...

Lucky for you, you have a CHOICE when it comes to long hair. I'd kill for it after two years! Mah. Maybe I'll stick to extensions!

P.S. Your hairdresser is camping all week... argh! I need a new hairstyle! Guess I'll just be patient then! :)

Mical said...

Cute face paint!