Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playing Hookey

It was Stake Conference today for us, but 2 hours straight in the chapel with 3 kids under 4 didn't sounds like a good time. We always end up in the children's room watching the kids coloring and unable to hear anything anyway, so we passed on it this time around and decided to have a picnic up the canyon at a park. It was so fun and such a nice day. We never skip out, but at least when we did we were together as a family enjoying God's creations. ;)

Steve was trying to get Cohen to sleep here... I didn't think to bring his little hat or anything so he had to stay put on the blanket in the shade and that's much easier when he's asleep.

Kanyon was really good at this wall. Not too shabby of a view while watching the kids play!
This shot made me a little nervous... he's getting daring.
My crazy 2 year old. Check out those fangs.
The little man, snug as a bug... it was hot today, but the canyon breeze and shade made this possible. :)
Pure joy... Scarlett would swing for hours if we were willing to push her that long. Too bad we're not. ;) That little girl needs to learn how to "pump".
Playing in the creek... only for a minute because it was really cold. (or so Steve said - I didn't get in.)

Eating our picnic lunch.
Kanyon is so obsessed these days with knowing exactly how many bites he has to take of every. single. thing. Seriously, he won't have even taken one and he'll ask how many he has to take. Something about getting to count on his hands and keep track. I have no idea. So here he is counting his nectarine bites.

Me and my kidlets.
And my self portrait for this week courtesy of Steve... doing what I do best - wiping noses. ;)
What a lovely Sunday afternoon! We hope to do this more often... after church of course. ;)


Heather Strong said...

Oh church church church. I only have one kid and we barely survive church. We haven't braved Stake Conf yet. It'd be fine, we'd just spend the whole time chasing Emmett around the chapel. A picnic sounds much better =).

Mical said...

I would take the canyon anyday. That cold creek water looks really nice right now. :) It's blistering today.

melissa said...

what a fun day! and coop does the 'how many' of everything too. drinks are included, lol! must be the age. ;)

Madeline said...

Have I mentioned that I'd love the landscape of your area? Stunning! The kidlets are adorable!