Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Evening...

Gotta love a good Sunday evening in the Spring... Yes, the foot of snow we received last week has melted and you wouldn't even know it had hit us. Thank goodness the blossoms on the trees were still intact after all that. I had to snap a couple of pictures when we were outside this evening just in case this crazy weather decides to change once again and I miss it. ;)

The kids enjoyed the backyard after we took a walk/bike ride through the neighborhood park. I walked and pushed Scarlett in the stroller and Steve and Kanyon rode their bikes. I think every person in the neighborhood was out and about this evening...

Later in the backyard... Kanyon was watching this small plane fly over us about 5 different times. He picked his "outfit". He calls it his comfy clothes and insists on changing into something similar every Sunday after church. Probably because he sees Steve and I do the same. ;)
Scarlett's favorite pastime.

Steve's been working hard on the yard too over the weekend. It needs some TLC. Now that it should be good weather to enjoy it, maybe we'll give it the attention it so desperately needs... or Steve will and I'll pull up a chair and watch like I did on Saturday. ;)

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Mical said...

Well, at least I wasn't there when you got that foot of snow. I think I would have died. :) Glad it's gone. Hopefully for good now. Its 90 here today.