Friday, April 3, 2009

Maddi's Baptism

Trying to catch up here...

We went to Las Vegas last Friday for my niece, Madison's, baptism. She turned 8 and made the decision to have her dad baptize her. It was a fun weekend (although way too short!) and we actually had everyone in my family there, including all my little brothers. It was a rare occasion. ;)

Here are some pictures immediately following the baptism...

My family from left to right:
Back Row: Trent, Alex (Trevor's wife), Trevor, my mom, Troy, my dad, Ryan (mical's hubby), Mical, Cole, Steve, and me.
Front row: Callie, Caden, Kanyon, Maddi, and Scarlett

Mical's family... aren't they cute? :)
Maddi and her Dad. Can't believe how grown up she's looking.
And just one from that evening after we all gorged ourselves on some awesome food that Mical provided. Seriously, gorged.
Mical, do I look like mom here or what??? haha!

I'm so excited for Mical and her 4 kiddos to come up on Monday to stay with us for the week. They get to celebrate Scarlett and my mom's birthday with us. My kids will be in heaven with so many playmates. ;)


Melissa said...

Megan, it's great to see your family and btw, your shoes rock!

Jen Bird said...

Cute pics!! And sounds like a fun trip! And btw, I LOOOVE your self portrait pics last should be a pregnant model!! Seriously!