Monday, March 2, 2009

"You've been really crafty lately."

You know when you're husband says this to you, he means either you've spent too much money at craft/fabric stores lately or you're craft projects are taking over the house.

Or it could be both. Because honestly, when do men really actually notice the crafty things that are finished around the house? ;)

Steve said this to me this afternoon and it's true... I've started a million projects and not many are finished or even close to that. However, since he's working from home again, he's taken over my craft room. Can you really blame me then for them being all over the rest of the house?

Here is one project that was started so long ago and finally I hung them in the kids playroom. Just some wooden letters/numbers with scrapbook paper decoupaged on them and hung with ribbon. Their playroom needed a little something to distract from the chaotic mess that it is all the time.
What Steve doesn't realize is that I'm holding back. I have so many other things floating around in my mind right now that I've not acted on... really he's lucky. ;)


Cristal said...

That project turned out so well! Super cute!

Jen Bird said...

I love it! Let's get together to craft some fun things!!