Saturday, March 21, 2009

Duck Pond

The kids have been begging to go feed the ducks because we literally pass this pond daily. So, last minute as a quick activity before naps today, we did. They had so much fun feeding, running, and chasing ducks.
They were generous and we ran out of bread quickly.

I love that I caught Scarlett in her little crouch that she positions herself in whenever she's talking to animals. She does this whether it's a little duck or a huge horse. It's too cute.
I really love how this shot came out... just thought I ought to be in one picture, so I setup the camera on the grass and set the self timer. I didn't tell anyone, just caught us as is in the moment. You have to look closely, but we're all there. Love the birds I happened to catch at that moment in the sky.

Such a perfect Saturday. Time well spent.


Melissa said...

You seriously get to live in this paradise? Do you ever take the scenery for granted? GORGEOUS!

Melissa said...

Even the seagulls pose for you! :-)

Erinn said...

Beautiful pictures! Too bad that weather didn't last. I love the little crouch. It makes you wonder what she is thinking.