Monday, January 19, 2009


Steve's wanted me to try and make these for some time now and I always avoided it because I'm not really a "baker". I attempted these on Christmas day and read the recipe wrong, so I dumped what I had and made some Lion House rolls from a box mix I had already. The closest thing to me actually making rolls on a normal day was if I ever pulled out some Rhodes Rolls and even that you have to think of it hours before dinner for them to thaw and rise. And they're not really good anyway unless they are hot out of the oven. But, yesterday I decided to attempt it since Scarlett and I weren't at church that afternoon because she had been sick and had a crummy night, so I had some time to do it. It was really easy! I was a little surprised.
I guess Steve will be expecting these again. ;) He's also already saying this... "Now, you know what you need to learn to make of my mom's?"

I think I may have started something. :P


Jill said...

those look YUMMMM !!!! i think ive lost my baking skills since havin k ;)

Mical said...

Those look yummy! Is it a secret family recipe, or could you possibly hook us up on the recipe blog??? :)

Your kids sick too? Started with Callie, now its Caden and Cole. :( Once again Maddi skates by. I wish the rest of them had her immunities!

Heather Strong said...

Those look good! Brenda's rolls are so outstanding and well-known within the family! It would be great to have someone to carry that tradition on within the Sonnenbergs!

Jen Bird said...

And may I say they couldn't be any yummier! We gobbled a bag full of them in less than an hour! I want to make them this week!

Lisa said...

way to go. They are just so time consuming. 4 hours!!! Scott has now mastered the recipe!!! I gladly handed over the duty :)

Meghan said...

Lisa - I know, it takes a while but it's really not that much work since more than 2 hours of that is rising at different times. They're not bad to make if you're planning to be around the house for that afternoon. :) I figured too since Scott and Ken had mastered the recipe, it was about time I gave it a try! ;)

Mical - I will totally add this to our recipe blog!! : ) That thing has been a bit neglected I'm afraid!