Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bubble Baths

Lately my kids have preferred to have their bathes down in one of our guest bathrooms in the basement. They like to tub hop... there are 3 different ones that they frequent, their own being the least used funny enough. Kanyon really never loved bubbles in the past... must have been something about how they wouldn't come off his hands or face or just plain not being able to get away from them once they were there. But, he's loved them lately and Scarlett loves just about anything he does, so they have some fun. Just a few pics from tonight's bath.

Bubble beards, of course. Haven't we all done that before?

And a shot to prove that Scarlett's hair is actually coming in... in the back. The front needs some tender loving care, but I'll be patient. ;)

I cannot not laugh when I see this picture. It's a little funny, a little frightening... but definitely a reason never to tell your child to say "cheese" for the camera because you will inevitably capture something very, very unnatural. ;) Of course I never do that anyway.
Really, he wasn't saying cheese, he was just being a weirdo. This last pic also proves that I need to clean my sensor on my camera. :) Can you spot the "spot"?


Lisa said...

so fun... bath hopping. We only have 2 baths for the kids to choose from and they prefer ours:) Master baths are usually bigger. Much easier to bathe 3 in ;)
How ya feeling?

Erinn said...

There is nothing better than bath hoping and bubble beards! :) I LOVE the last picture of Kanyon...what a goof!

Mical said...

He's so silly. I love that last picture! We made many bubble beards in our baths together! :) Now you just need a picture of them crawling naked down the hall. haha!

stacey said...

That last picture is cracking me up. What a face!