Monday, December 22, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Saturday night was our last night that our wonderful babysitter would be around to watch our kids. Sara is moving to NYC to nanny for a year out there. The kids have loved having her here with them for the last year and Steve and I are sad we no longer have her! She has watched the kids overnight in the past a few times and we have never worried about the kids when she's with them. They have loved having her and are young enough that they don't quite understand that she's not coming anymore, but I'm sure they'll be asking where she is next week when she doesn't come on her usual days. Especially Scarlett... I don't think she remembers life without Sara since she wasn't even walking when Sara started babysitting.
And now we have to find a new one... hope we can find someone like her that the kids adore!

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Mical said...

Man, she was PRICELESS at Trevor and Alexs wedding!! Sad for you that she is leaving!