Thursday, December 18, 2008


(day 353)
I don't want to say that Scarlett has more personality than Kanyon did at her age, I just think he was too shy to show it. Scarlett is not shy about it and flaunts it for us all to see. If you can remember my last post I made about Scarlett's movie obsession... well, it's shifted. What ridiculously age-inappropriate movie has she attached herself to this time?
And apparently Kanyon seems to enjoy it as well.

And Scarlett just this afternoon...
She was running in circles around me in the chair and giggling hysterically. She does have her quiet moments, which usually include her tenderly caring for her baby. Always making sure she is wrapped up in her very own blanket... so good of her to share. ;)
And lastly, the little personality trait that Scarlett has recently mastered? The eye roll. No joke. She did it to Steve just the other night at dinner and he looked at me accusingly. Like that's on my list of things to do during the day... teach my little lady with an attitude how to roll her eyes. She may just have had that skill built into her own little self already. ;) Sorry, no pictures of it yet. You know I've been trying! ;)


Cristal said...

She's beautiful! And love that eye-rolling story!

Jill said...

ooooo shes a HOOT !!!! maybe baby boy #2 will b a calm one like his big brother ;) she got all the wit ;) LOL !!!