Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party at the Simpson's

I'm late in getting this up here, but we went to the Simpson's Halloween party last Saturday and had a blast! Here we are at our house with the Hanchett's and the Bird's before we left for the party.
Devin is Brett Michael's, Jen is a Polygamist (ha! love it!), I'm Juno and Steve's Bleeker, Destiny is a Border Patrol officer and Jim is an illegal immigrant.

And at the party... Jen and I, eating yummy bread bowls with soup!
Devin, Steve, and Nate (the host). He was Warren Jeffs. haha!
Cute Meri as a polygamist as well (and our other host). :)
Warren Jeffs and his "women". Ha!! I can't believe how popular this costume idea was this year with our friends. :)
Steve and I, we got 2nd runner up for best costume. Totally surprised considering the way creative costumes at the party!
Me after we played a mummy wrapping game... but I'm posting this picture because I think Devin looks AWESOME in the background!
Playing another fun game with balloons... Jim and Destiny having a good time! :)
Thanks to Nate and Meri for all the laughs that night!


Lisa said...

Very CUTE ideas for costumes!!!
Just got the family pictures yesterday ....LOVE THEM.
They look AWESOME. They are already in frames and up on the wall.
Thank Meghan...they look great.

Gina Kolsrud said...

I am cracking up on the polygamist costumes! Seriously. I started laughing, hee hee.

Mical said...

I died laughing when I saw Jim. That is too funny. And you got juno and bleeker right on the money!

Lisa B said...

Looks like some fun party!

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Just saw this post! Thanks for coming! It was a good time! I love your baby bump!