Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

(day 285)

We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch today! Kanyon has been begging for quite some time to go. He's been watching the pumpkins growing throughout the last few weeks as we drive by it while we're out running around.

It was cold! We bundled up, but the kids still complained a little... guess it's that time of year now. (there was actually snow falling this morning... it didn't stick, but it was definitely falling!)

I laughed at this picture... first one I took and Steve and Scarlett are looking at me like I'm crazy.
Searching for the perfect pumpkins...

Kanyon found a tiny baby pumpkin and was way excited.
Some more good ones...
The biggest one of all! We brought that one home for sure!
There was a cute kid maze made out of hay that Kanyon played in for a bit.
Scarlett just sat and waited by the "skelly".
Um, yeah, increasingly difficult to get a photo of these two.
Ooo, I got one!
And 2 seconds later...
Me and the kids.
hmm, I'm thinking it's about time to chop and donate the hair again... getting just a little too long for me!
Another successful year at the pumpkin patch! However, somehow we got talked into taking 6 pumpkins home this year... Oh well, can't wait to carve them!


Mical said...

Love Scarletts coat. Love the ominous sky above the mtns. and love your long hair. Your hair grows faster than anyone I have ever known!

stacey said...

Scarlett is such a little fashion model! The third picture is gorgeous with the dark sky and the vibrant orange of the pumpkins. You are gorgeous as always and I can't get over how long your hair is.

Tracey said...

i love the dark sky too! i can almost feel the weather!

Lisa B said...

What interesting lighting on these. Very dramatic! Glad you all had fun.

Cristal said...

These are awesome! What a great pumpkin patch.