Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins!

(day 304)

Can you believe I had to schedule this in for tonight? Seriously, it's just been one of those crazy busy weeks and we seem to be going non-stop. Not to mention that it's been one of those weeks at work for Steve too and he's been back at the office at night on more than one occasion this week. I'm just plain exhausted... seriously, where is that 2nd trimester burst of energy?? I'm not getting it yet. Maybe you just don't get that after you have so many kids... gosh, I hope I'm wrong.

Okay, back to pumpkins... it was fun, but Steve and I are looking forward to the days when the kids are actually doing their own pumpkins instead of us doing 4. And of course, Kanyon asks for this impossible traced pattern face that looked like "Ironman". It seriously took me most of the night to squeak that one out. Yeah, I'm not great at them. ;) Thanks to Steve for gutting all 4 while I sawed away.

Scarlett enjoying every moment of course.
Kanyon sporting a really strange forced smile for this one. He told me to wait while he put his hand on his pumpkin for the picture. I'm still mid-saw on his. Funny though, as happy as Kanyon looks to be a part of all this, Steve and I made him help pull some goop and seeds out of his pumpkin and he cried through the whole thing! We were laughing so hard, aren't we mean? He said it was scary. haha! Wish I had my camera out for that one...
Me, working very hard.
Still working. And yes, I'm looking a bit different these days... This little change will get a post all its own later, I think. ;)
The finished products!
All lit up outside!
Lastly, my 2 crazies outside wearing nothing and obviously pretty excited about it... you'd think it was summer time by this strange weather. Seriously, it was kind of hot today.
Happy Halloween Eve! :)


Mical said...

HOLY CRAP! You were NOT JOKING! I thought, there is no way that DARK head could be meghans!!! Where are my pictures!?!?!?!?

DESTINY said...

I can't wait to see it in person! Haylee was a little worried about you i think:) by the way- with the third- i never did get that burst of energy- I hope you do though!

Melissa said...

OMg! What a change. Can't wait to see more pics, Meghan. Does Steve feel like he has a whole new wife? ;-)

Brandi said...

Cute pumpkins Meghan... I'm dying to see your new hair! :)

Gina Kolsrud said...

Meghan, you look HAWT! I cannot wait to see it up close!! And how cute are the kiddos pumpkin carving! They turned out so cute! Have a wonderful Halloween!

Jill said...

i was gonna say DARKER ;) WTG !!!!

and yeah k was SO not into the smelly goop ;) i think our boys are brothers that got separated somewhere in time ;)

allison said...

ack! i can't believe you went DARK! I just did it too and I love it.... its my natural though. ;)

Lillian said...

I feel for you on the whole first trimester thing, it sure is rough! I am expecting in February so it's pretty recent for me, yuk. Second trimester relief took a little longer than I hoped, but it's here and it will definitely come for you! Hope you get feeling better really, really soon!